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About CRO

Even though strong and clear laws exist in India to protect consumer rights, the actual plight of Indian consumers could be declared as completely dismal. Very few consumers are aware of their rights or understand their basic consumer rights. Of the several laws that have been enacted to protect the rights of consumers in India, the most significant is the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Under this law, everyone, including individuals, a Hindu undivided family, a firm, and a company, can exercise their consumer rights for the goods and services purchased by them. It is important that, as consumers, we know at least our basic rights and about the courts and procedures that deal with the infringement of our rights.

Our Vision

A new India in which every consumer keeps thorough knowledge of his rights and their correct uses.

Our Mission

To organize, educate and make consumers aware of their rights, make best effort to stop unfair trade practices and solve consumer's problem/complains.


Any person may be appointed as member of the said by paying fees with the consent of National President.

Other Objectives

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In the event of natural calamities such as draught, floods and cyclones:

AND GENERALLY to do in all public, charitable purposes for public benefit without any discrimination of Caste, Creed, Color, Gender, Religion, Faith, Race or any Nationality..... many more



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